Hi, friend!

I'm Emily, founder of Scarlet Day Calligraphy. I love paper and I love calligraphy, and love using them in tandem to set the tone for your celebrations and special events.

My passion for calligraphy grew from a longtime love of lettering (read more about it here) as well as my graduate studies, which focused on writing and design, form and function, medium and message. 

This is all to say: design counts! Letters matter! A calligrapher makes meaning before she even finishes writing the word; paper, hand, and ink combine to tell you how to read, how to feel, how to incline yourself toward or away from the very piece you hold.

With this in mind, I work with couples and families looking to add a special, handmade touch to their wedding and special events materials; because these pieces set the tone for your celebration, and will serve as valuable keepsakes in the decades to come. 

To keep my skills fresh, I hold membership in a number of professional organizations, including the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH), the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh, and the Washington Calligraphers Guild. 

So I'm a calligrapher, but I'm also a writer and editor, a mom, a wife, a dog person, a Subaru driver, a Saturday Night Live fan, a big sister, a coffee lover, a reader, a sleeper-inner, a ham, and much more. ENFP, Fey & Poehler 4 LYFE. 

Still have questions? Give me a yell. We'll talk.